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The Power of 360 Feedback

by | 09.23.2018

​What if you could spend less time in meetings and accomplish just as much? That’s what one leader learned to do after receiving feedback from employees about what parts of meetings … Continue reading

Resistance to Change & Cultural Norms

by | 05.02.2018

What cultural norms in Albania create resistance to change?What new attitudes are necessary to adapt effectively to change?Come to a complimentary lunch and learn to learn more about this area … Continue reading

Emotional Intelligence at Work Training

by | 04.30.2018

Would you like reduce stress at work? Improve the quality of your relationships? Make better decisions? The Lincoln Center’s Emotional Intelligence at Work course is designed to help you: increase … Continue reading

“Make Every Presentation and Email Count” Coffee & Briefing / Jan 31

by | 01.24.2018

Dear professionals! The Lincoln Centers of Albania will hold a coffee and briefing on January 31 from 8:30-9:30 to learn about two upcoming opportunities. Lauren Skora will present the two … Continue reading

Webinar about upcoming Project Management course

by | 02.02.2017

We would kindly like to notify you of an upcoming webinar and course about Project Management: Management by results. The webinar will be held on February 8, 4pm-4:30pm online. Register … Continue reading