by | 02.11.2020

54 Days 18 Hours 05 Minutes 30 Seconds Completed Register for the course now! Dates: April 22, 9am-4:30pm Audience: CEOs, C-Level Executives, Division Leaders, Presidents, DirectorsLocation: Lincoln Center Blloku, Rr. … Continue reading

Be the Ironman of Sales

by | 01.16.2020

19 Days 11 Hours 09 Minutes 42 Seconds Register for the course now! Course Date: March 03, 9:30am-3:30pm Location: Lincoln Center Blloku, Rr. Ismail Qemali, Nr. 31 Language: AlbanianPricing levels Instance … Continue reading


by | 12.04.2019

Post-Trauma Stress ManagementHow can Journaling Help You after a traumatic event?The act of writing helps us to slow down to put our thoughts on paper.After a traumatic event or—in our … Continue reading

Post-Earthquake Trauma Stress Management

by | 12.03.2019

Deep BreathingIf you were in Tirana last week, you likely experienced some trauma. For you to return to work AND to be effective, you need to heal. For you to help your … Continue reading

“Symphony” – An innovative Teambuilding Event

by | 12.02.2019

Achieve Your Dreams Do you want to achieve the impossible?Looking for an activity to create synergy on your teams? How about a team retreat that will catalyze innovation in your … Continue reading

Lincoln Earthquake Relief Fund

by | 11.26.2019

The massive quake on 26 November and the hundreds of aftershocks have had a devastating effect on the people of our land. We have a unique and extensive network in … Continue reading

Leading From Within

by | 11.17.2019

A New Kind of Leadership: Leading from WithinWe are all leaders – leaders of our own lives.    What makes you the kind of leader that others want to follow?  … Continue reading


by | 11.03.2019

IMPROVE ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCEEmployee engagement is a hot topic right now in both the public and private sectors. More and more organizations realize that a key to boosting performance is improving … Continue reading

Get Unstuck

by | 10.31.2019

Take steps towards a more fulfilling lifeDuring the hustle and bustle of long work hours, lengthy to-do lists andunexpected responsibilities, it’s common to find yourself “stuck.”Are you stuck?      … Continue reading

Annual dinner with Lincoln staff and Board members

by | 10.29.2019

On October 26, 2019 Lincoln staff came together with Board members for our annual dinner. The evening was commenced with a short speech by our President, Aida Repishti. Aida thanked … Continue reading