March, 2014

Your Personal Brand

by | 03.31.2014

Neptun. Geraldina Sposa. Kolonat. Lincoln Center. Mon Cheri. AMC. Glina. Which of these brands catches your attention? When you see the logo for this brand on an advertisement, in a … Continue reading

Teaching tip 3: Correcting Errors

by | 03.27.2014

When and how to correct mistakes requires discretion and skill. A teacher who continually jumps in to correct will block the flow, causing students to stop talking for fear of … Continue reading

Student Attention and Care Process- Inspiring Success stories

by | 03.27.2014

I’d like to share some very interesting ideas I heard in a meeting with teachers working at Lincoln Centers. Irma, Moza and Anisa thought the new process (Student Attention and … Continue reading

Characteristics of adult learners

by | 03.26.2014

Children and adults learn for different reasons. Adults are not motivated by a good mark. On the other hand they want results that can be seen at their work, something … Continue reading

Teaching English through actions, Total Physical Response ( TPR )

by | 03.25.2014

Total Physical Response (TPR) is the name given to a learning strategy .The basic technique of  TPR is simple. Learners act out commands given by the teacher or their fellow … Continue reading

“I’m not a Rock. I’m not an Island.”

by | 03.24.2014

Are you a rock-solid teacher? Are you the type of person that can go into any teaching situation–no matter how challenging–and bring about positive change on your own?  Not me. … Continue reading

Teaching Tip 2: Translating

by | 03.20.2014

How to avoid doing it: 1. Refuse to give translations for new vocabulary yourself. Pretend/admit you don’t speak the student’s language.  2. Encourage the students to guess the meaning of … Continue reading

What is andragogy?

by | 03.19.2014

Adult learning is a new field of study. The pioneer of this field is Malcolm Knowles. He was convinced that adults learned in a different way than children. This was … Continue reading

Constant feedback from my children’s classes !

by | 03.18.2014

What works perfectly well in my  children‘s classes is a monthly feedback I get from them . What I usually do is, I ask them to write down in a piece … Continue reading

Are adult students just students?

by | 03.12.2014

Here we are, ready to start another class. We’re feeling lucky because we have the adult students, the ones that are eager to learn. We don’t have to worry about … Continue reading

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