Coaching Skills for Managers

by | 09.11.2021

Increase employees’ initiative to solve problems and inspire in times of crisis!

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Location: Lincoln Center Blloku. Rr. Ismail Qemali, Nr.31
Language: English
Date & Time: October 27-28
Cost: 220 Euro / participant
Target Audience: Department Heads and Managers in any department.
Number of Participants: The maximum number of participants for this course is twelve. A minimum of six participants is required for this course to be delivered.

Confirm registration with Irisa Bardhi at ibardhi[@] or 068.436.4431

The best managers continuously enhance their team members’ development and get the most out of individual capabilities. Coaching is one of the most powerful tools that managers can use to develop employees and maximize performance. In this course, participants will be introduced to coaching as a mutual problem-solving process. They will practice coaching skills and will receive feedback from the trainers and from their peers. Participants will leave the extended learning program with the skills and confidence for facilitating effective coaching conversations with their employees. 


  • Understand the role of a coach and how managers can use coaching
  • Use the GROW coaching model to effectively develop employees
  • Apply listening and communication skills to coaching conversations
  • Help employees to increase their ability to solve problems
  • Focus their team more effectively to meet targets

Robert Wilton

Robert has more than twenty years' management experience, the last eight leading a multi-cultural international organization in Albania. He has been an advisor to leaders of organizations and countries. At Lincoln, Robert offers coaching and coaching support for individuals and teams, and other elements of training for organizations and leaders. He believes passionately in the role of the listening leader, and in the ability of individuals to identity and achieve their own goals. Robert has Masters degrees from Oxford and London Universities, and coaching certification from the Institute of Leadership and Management. He is fluent in Albanian.

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