February, 2010

Upcoming contests at the Lincoln Center

by | 02.09.2010

This month, contests will begin involving essay writing, youtube videos and contructing CVs! There will be prizes that include partial scholarships for Lincoln classes, paid pizza parties, and Lincoln t-shirts! … Continue reading

by | 02.03.2010

Just for fun 🙂 – Types of Teachers A mediocre teacher presents facts. A good teacher explains the facts given. A very good teacher demonstrates them (i.e the facts) A … Continue reading

Synonyms, aAntonyms

by | 02.03.2010

Recently I’ve been using a book on these, and make it a kind of competition. Children, more specifically teenagers, Attain 1/2 students loved it and I think they learned a … Continue reading

EFL Conference in Albania

by | 02.03.2010

ELTA Albania (English Language Teachers Association) is organizing a conference on EFL teaching in Albania in May. This would be a good opportunity for EFL teachers to get together and … Continue reading

English Idioms And how to use them !Seidl McMordie

by | 02.03.2010

I have been using this book since I started teaching at Lincoln Centre and it has been really useful to me.If you want to make your classes more challenging using … Continue reading

book review

by | 02.03.2010

I would recomend the book “English idioms and how to use them” because I think it is a very valuable book for all teachers. It is a book which explains … Continue reading

Book review

by | 02.03.2010

Practical English Usage. This book is major reference guide for intermediate and advanced of English and their teachers.It contains short clesr articles on all the grammatical problems which regularly cause … Continue reading

a must- have research paper guide

by | 02.03.2010

Using English for cross-disciplinary Academic Purposes is a most helpful guide book to undergraduate students struggling with numerous essay writings in their college years. The author provides writing tips and … Continue reading

Recent thoughts about English teaching!

by | 02.03.2010

Young learners love games! They enjoy playing even for 5 or 10 minutes. So, why not use these games as a way to teach vocabulary, grammar, expressions, speaking, writing, etc? … Continue reading