November, 2009

what is getting published in the ELTA magazine?

by | 11.25.2009

The topics of the ELTA magazine’s articles vary from the practical topics such as how to teach vocabulary, introducing debates in class and new technology as effective tools for the … Continue reading

Very interesting articles in ELTA magazine! Read them and you wil be more practical in your classes !

by | 11.25.2009

I read the articles in ELTA magazine and I found them very interesting especially the article about teaching vocabulary. What I read in that article was really practical and I … Continue reading

Magazine interested in finding local talent around the globe

by | 11.25.2009

In a recent interview, Margo DelliCarpini, the editor for a new journal in the TESOL field stated that she hoped this magazine, stated, “Part of the mission for the board … Continue reading

What is getting published!

by | 11.23.2009

Well, after reading the ELTA magazine i reflected on the articles that were published. I liked most of them, such as teaching vocabulary, teaching reading, or using technology in EFL … Continue reading

What is getting published in the ELTA magazine-my comments

by | 11.22.2009

The articles that are being written in the ELTA magazine are obviously of various topics based on the expertise, workplace of the people writing them and relevant concerns they have … Continue reading

Using anecdotes

by | 11.18.2009

I am not so enthusiastic about using anecdotes often in the classroom because students seem to be reserved and dislike sharing them with the others. I only use anecdotes when … Continue reading

My ten ideas that might work in english classes !

by | 11.18.2009

Motivate students to learn Use time effectively in order to maximaze learning Use games to involve all your students Enjoy your classes and improve the relationship with your students Encourage … Continue reading

Some ideas for EFL teachers

by | 11.18.2009

1. Shifting from teacher-centered to student-centered approach2.the teacher should create a warm atmosphere to make students feel at their ease3.first of all the teacher should be motivated to teach the … Continue reading

What is getting published in the ELTA magazine?

by | 11.17.2009

After a flurry of activity on the topic “What Albanian Teachers Need to Know,” I wanted to encourage you to write your article on one of the items in your … Continue reading

What are 10 ideas in what needs to be changed…

by | 11.17.2009

1 – Teacher centered vs. student centered approach to teaching2 – Move away from mechanical learning3 – Integrate critical thinking into the learning/teaching process4 – Include technology into the learning/teaching … Continue reading