September, 2021

Lincoln Leadership Forum- Video Snapshots

by | 09.28.2021

Insights into Leadership in Albania -Roland Xhafaj, Country Manager, Dompe AlbaniaThe Benefits of Employee Engagement -Roland Xhafaj, Country Manager, Dompe Albania Empowering Employees during the Performance Review Process -Eni Xheko, … Continue reading

Business Email Writing

by | 09.18.2021

Make Every Email Count!Learn to communicate more effectively via email. Attention is given to parts and organization of emails, the use of clear and effective subject lines, “cc,” “bcc” and … Continue reading

Coaching Skills for Managers

by | 09.11.2021

Increase employees’ initiative to solve problems and inspire in times of crisis!   0  1 Days :     1  5 Hours :     0  4 Minutes :     4  7 Seconds You missed out! Location: … Continue reading

Strategic Writing

by | 09.05.2021

Boost traffic, increase subscribers &  Enhance your online presence!Facilitator: Elizabeth Gowing Location: ONLINE. Zoom link sent upon confirmation.Language: English Sessions & Duration: Six total hours of course sessions. See details below.Group sessions. … Continue reading