April, 2014

Teaching Kids ,Tip 4 “The Five Golden Rules of Good Classroom Management ! (second part )

by | 04.29.2014

Rule 2  Show your EFL / ESL pupils that you care about them. When you get the chance ask the children how they are, what sports they like, who their … Continue reading

Teaching tip 5: Things to incorporate in your English Classes

by | 04.24.2014

1. Good morning/ Goodbye These are probably standard and probably automatic phrases but it is important that you use salutations and bid them farewell.  2. What do you think about … Continue reading

Tips for using anecdotes in EFL/ESL classes

by | 04.23.2014

In  every  class  that  I  teach  I  try  to  use  anecdotes  to  attract  their  attention.   I  always  relate  the  anecdotes  with  the  topic  that  will  follow.  I  use  them  as  … Continue reading

The Five Golden Rules of Good Classroom Management , Rule 1

by | 04.22.2014

Are you an ESL teacher with classroom management problems? Have you got a handful of troublemakers who wear you out? Or has the whole class taken over and you find … Continue reading

Tips and Guidelines in Teaching EFL Grammar

by | 04.18.2014

A well-prepared lesson plan is essential for teaching grammar. It should include oral and written examples as well as form, meaning and context use. Tips for teaching ESL grammar include: … Continue reading

Motivating Adult students through anecdotes

by | 04.16.2014

 Adult  learners  are  too challenging  but  when  you  achieve  to ” win their hearts”,  they  are  too  supportive  of  each other,  they  share  experiences,  and  what  is  more  important  they  … Continue reading

Teaching kids , Tip 2 : “Motivating Young Children to Learn English “

by | 04.15.2014

Young children are often eager, almost too eager. Theproblem arises when they are eager to do things other thanwhat you’re trying to teach them. Here are some suggestions tokeep them … Continue reading

Bill Gates: Teachers Need Real Feedback

by | 04.14.2014

“Good. You’re doing a good job.” When’s the last time you’ve gotten feedback as a teacher? It’s always good to get a pat on the back, but if that’s all … Continue reading

Teaching Tip 4: Monitoring

by | 04.10.2014

How: While students are doing an activity you walk slowly round the classroom and listen to their conversations.  You can sit down too, if there are enough chairs, but try … Continue reading

Getting to know your students’ needs

by | 04.09.2014

Different studies on adult learning come to a single conclusion that adults need to be treated with respect, viewed as equals, and they are motivated, which is an important asset … Continue reading

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