Tips and Guidelines in Teaching EFL Grammar

by | 04.18.2014

A well-prepared lesson plan is essential for teaching grammar. It should include oral and written examples as well as form, meaning and context use. Tips for teaching ESL grammar include:

  1.  Students must have plenty of examples of the structure and understand when and how to use it.
  2.  Explanations must cover the majority of instances because students are sure to encounter exceptions    along the way.
  3.  Too much detail confuses students so explanations must be simple and clear.
  4.  Generalization is helpful even if it’s not always completely accurate.
  5.  Rhyming rules like “i before e, except after c” can be a fun and easy way to remember a rule.
  6.  Students need to experiment by rearranging sentences and playing with them to get a feel for the    language.
  7.  Students must be given the essential rules and guidelines and shouldn’t have to guess.
  8.  Role-playing and language games can be fun and give students the opportunity to use a grammatical  structure practically.

Grammar may be difficult and boring to teach. However, if a teacher understands the grammatical concepts, is capable of explaining grammar and its structures clearly and simply, follows up with appropriate games, exercises and role-playing activities, s/he will be creating a context for fun and interesting EFL grammar lessons.

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