The Lincoln Centers of Albania know that the demands on professionals are always increasing. Companies push for productivity and profitability. Business is a globally competitive enterprise. We want professionals like you to thrive in today’s competitive workforce and prepare for the future.

Participants in Lincoln’s courses solve real-time business problems and complete our courses with clear action plans. Individual participants leave with a sense of empowerment and skills that they can successfully execute in the 21st century company.

For companies, we provide their employees with the tools to reduce cost, increase operational efficiency, and drive revenue for their institutions.

In any of Lincoln’s courses you can expect five key characteristics of our training:

1. Relevance

Focused on true-to-life business problems, not academic theory.

2. Practical Content

Provides simple, robust tools ready use immediately.

3. Interactive Format

Encourages participants to share personal examples, experiences, and best practices with their colleagues.

4. Focused on Results

Delivers positive impact to participants’ employers, maximizing the return on investment.

5. Expert Instructors

We employ trainers with global experience. They’re not just instructors—they’re personal consultants and coaches. Our trainers from around the globe have successfully connected with participants and shaped companies.

For any of our courses you should expect:

  • More than a decade of international work experience (up to four decades!)
  • Fluent English language abilities
  • Proven training experience across various industries
  • Post-graduate studies
  • Track record of impactful leadership and management experience

We currently provide classes in the following areas of soft skills and workforce development. If you don’t see what you need, we are happy to create a custom class for you.

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