The Boost Your Team Needs

by | 04.22.2021

Protect your Team from Toxic Behaviors!
Boost your Team Spirit!
Feel Connected at a Time we’ve been far apart!

Your Vaccine is here!
No long lines!
You don’t have to wait your turn! Get it today!

Highlights from Research about the impact of teambuilding on our bodies and minds:

Adrenaline. Physical activity that produces adrenaline creates cohesion.
Serotonin. The “Happiness” chemical. Sunlight and exercise will boost this this.
All- in. Teambuilding is most effective when everyone including the leader is involved.

Confirm registration with Irisa Bardhi at ibardhi[@] or 068 436 4431

Tower of Power

“Modern” Tower of Power

Eight wooden blocks. Twelve ropes. One tower. Build as fast as you can & stay Six feet apart.

Date: May 5, 18:00-19:00
Facilitator: Josh Miekley
Cost: 10 Euro
Location: Lincoln Center Blloku, Rruga Ismail Qemali

“Njeriu është gjithmonë në zbulim të vetvetes, ndaj sfida të tilla na bëjnë të reflektojmë sa e njohim veten në raport me miqtë, kolegët, eprorët. Përmirësimi është gjithmonë në duart tona. Tower of Power është një aktivitet fantastik!"

Mariela Haxhiraj, MaxBrand

#Player Team Dynamics

Does your team need an opposer?
What about an observer?
Blindfold yourself and playfully experience these dynamics on a team.

May 19. 18:00-19:00.

Bonding at Bovillë

Picture your team on top of a mountain looking down at Lake Boville.
It doesn’t take a dangerous climb to get there. Fun. Laughter. Bonding.

May 22. 08:30-15:30

"Shumë interesant dhe praktik. Ishte një eksperincë shumë e vecantë dhe inspiruese. Jua keshilloj!”

Ylber Tola, Founder and CEO, Maxbrand

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