What I do well

by | 11.09.2009

Based on the osbervation and feedback of a collegue of mine a few months ago in a toefl prep class and on the feedback of students in my EFL class … Continue reading


by | 11.09.2009

I read the techniques about teaching vocabulary to students which are really helpful to us, and I can say I have used some of them such as pictures and drawings, … Continue reading

What works well for me in class – 2-nd comment

by | 11.08.2009

What works well for me in class that the students say and my colleagues too, is my classroom management! That indeed I would consider a strength of mine because I … Continue reading


by | 11.07.2009

I read the lesson plan on bringing Gatsby into the EFL classroom, and I find the idea of introducing a literary work into an EFL class very interesting. I have … Continue reading

***** A MUST READ before Thursday ***** What projects are getting published in the English Forum?

by | 11.06.2009

Go to the following website and scan some of the articles http://exchanges.state.gov/englishteaching/forum/archives/2009.html. What types of topics are getting published? Are you doing any of these things in your class? Could … Continue reading

What is it that you really do well?

by | 11.06.2009

This is the 2nd topic for online journaling… What do your students say that you do well? What about other colleagues, especially those that have observed you and given you … Continue reading

Techniques that work

by | 11.04.2009

Spend 5-10 minutes perusing the lessons and techniques on http://iteslj.org/. Are there any techniques you could use in your class? Now think about techniques and methods that you already use … Continue reading

Websites & Links

by | 10.30.2009

Organizations ELTA Albania: http://eltaal.org/Organization of Albanian English Teachers TESOL: www.tesol.orgView information about TESOL conventions, grants, and joining TESOL ($35 for international members like you). IATEFL: http://www.iatefl.org/View information about upcoming conferences. … Continue reading