Lincoln Leadership Forum on May 24

by | 05.12.2021

Join us on May 24 to discuss:

What critical issues demand the attention of leaders at this time?
When people lead with empathy, how does this impact others?
How does employee engagement increase customer satisfaction?

May 24 Theme, Speakers & Topics

Theme: Empowering the Heroes of Your Organization

Flutura Veipi
Topic: Expressing Empathy & Human Resources

Roland Xhafaj
Topic: Employee Engagement: Happy Employees & Happy Customers

Eni Xheko
Topic: Empowering Employees during the Performance Review Process

Join the Leadership Forum

Intended Audience: C-level, directors, department heads, senior managers
Date & Time:
May 24, 15:30-16:30
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Confirm registration with Irisa Bardhi at ibardhi[@] or 068 436 4431

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What is the Lincoln Leadership Forum?

The Leadership Forum is a gathering of like-minded individuals who seek to impact the corporate environment of Albania.

The Lincoln Centers of Albania was started in 1997 with the mission “to develop leaders through educational excellence for the well-being of the Albanian people.”

The leadership forum is a space for organizational leaders to reflect, address critical issues facing their organizations, the country and the region and to network and grow together.

The goals of future forum gatherings include:

  • Impact current organizational leaders with forum values
  • Create a more interconnected ecosystem of like-minded leaders
  • Boost the trust foreign investors have in investing in the region

Lincoln Leadership Forum Values

Built on the Lincoln Center core values, below are what we in the leadership forum share in common with each other. This impacts everything we do from the topics we select to how we address these topics.

Conversations are a core business process. You may have heard this before. And it’s true. But it takes skill to have a useful conversation.

Useful conversations increase clarity. You come away from a useful conversation with increased clarity about an issue, an idea or a system. And they also increase regard for the other person in the conversation.

Sometimes this involves asking the right question. Other times it involves making a new connection. It always involves listening well.

We believe everyone has the ability to change and grow. This doesn’t mean everyone can become a financial analyst or an IT expert. Here’s what it does mean—today you are STUCK in a rut. Tomorrow, you can be UNSTUCK.

Leaders have the responsibility for creating a culture of authenticity and vulnerability so that people in the organization can get unstuck. This starts with being open and honest and say, “I don’t know,” “I need help” and “My mistake” which are all part of the growth journey.

Integrity drives us to deliver what we’ve promised. Integrity also means being honest. It also means that we acknowledge if we’ve lacked honesty or if we’ve made a mistake. We take ownership for mistakes rather than blaming or hiding. Integrity for us means that we are transparent and open about what we can do and what we can’t do. Integrity also means that we choose not to provide a short-term fix or to apply a band aid when a major organizational intervention is needed.

We recognize that each organization is at a different stage in the growth cycle. Startups have just been birthed. Many have made it to prime. They know how to make a profit. They take risks and usually they make the right decisions. Some organizations are in decline. If major change is not made, they will die. The leadership needs are different at various life cycle stages.

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