What are 10 ideas in what needs to be changed…

by | 11.17.2009

1 – Teacher centered vs. student centered approach to teaching2 – Move away from mechanical learning3 – Integrate critical thinking into the learning/teaching process4 – Include technology into the learning/teaching … Continue reading

Using anecdotes in EFL classes!

by | 11.16.2009

Question 1.On friday i was teaching to intermediate students and we had superstitions. I used an anecdote to attract their attention and to involve them in participating in class discussion. … Continue reading

Some ideas for EFL teachers

by | 11.16.2009

1. Teachers should be enthusiastic and positive.2. Teachers should create a pleasant and supportive atmosphere.3. They should encourage students to express their opinions.4. Teachers should make the class interesting by … Continue reading

Other ideas for Albanian EFL teachers

by | 11.16.2009

1. Avoid translation of new words (some students insist on knowing the translation of a new word even after you have given them the definition in English) 2. Work on … Continue reading

Ideas for Albanian EFL teachers

by | 11.16.2009

1- Grammar is not everything in English Language learning2- Encourage students to speak by introducing real life topics in class3- Do not get stuck with the book4- Be creative5- Give … Continue reading

My first few ideas

by | 11.16.2009

I’ll spend 1 minute and write my ideas, unedited. 1. “Don’t get excited about what you come up with but what they come up with.”2. Come to the Lincoln Center … Continue reading

Brainstorming: What do English teachers in Albania need to know?

by | 11.16.2009

As you think about English language teaching and learning in Albania, what is one of the most important changes that needs to be made? Spend 5 minutes and write down … Continue reading

Anectodes in the classroom

by | 11.15.2009

Question 2: I think this article does bring a complete perspective of benefits of using anectodes in the classroom, although the activity is not new. In my opinion, what makes … Continue reading

Questions for the article “Using Anecdotes in Language Class”

by | 11.13.2009

After skimming and scanning the article I gave you in class, answer 2 or 3 of the following questions: 1. Tell one of the anecdotes that you have used in … Continue reading

My input on the 3-rd online task

by | 11.12.2009

All different kinds of topics are getting published from the FORUM No.1 only, varying from Cross-cultural topics, indigenous culture, motivation in E-portfolios, integrating oral skills, story use in language learning, … Continue reading