Other ideas for Albanian EFL teachers

by | 11.16.2009

1. Avoid translation of new words (some students insist on knowing the translation of a new word even after you have given them the definition in English)

2. Work on establishing a friendly relationship with all your students (calling them by names helps)

3. Encourage students to work in pairs and in groups not only for the sake of the task but also to get to know each-other better (so they are no longer anonymous in class).

4. Be practical and stimulate your students to be so. (most of Albanian students are used to theoretical teachers and techniques of learning)

2 responses to “Other ideas for Albanian EFL teachers”

  1. Bruna says:

    I can not agree with you more on learning names and creating a comfortable learning environment in the classrom; most Albanian teachers need to work a lot on this.

  2. Aleksandra says:

    I totally agree with you, especially with nr #2. I think that is very important to call them by names. Today i had a bad experience. I was substituting Besnik in Adult 1 and i tried to call them by names but it was very difficult to memorize all of them. when i asked a girl to answer a question she stared at me and expected me to call her by name. I apologized and told her that i’m not good at remebering names. after a while we had listening. I asked her what it was about, but she said nothing. all she said was ” i am not the only one that can not remember things”. “Fair enough”, i thought. Now i understand why it is so important to call them by names.

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