Calvin Tiessen

Calvin Tiessen  // Strategic Communications Consultant. Executive Coach. Trainer

Calvin Tiessen has led many organizations in Albania and abroad through the strategic planning process of clarifying mission, vision, values and strategic objectives. Calvin brings a unique blend of business experience, multicultural knowledge and excellent facilitation skills to each consulting engagement. Calvin also utilizes his experience to design and deliver powerful learning events. Calvin is certified in Cultural Intelligence and is working on a PhD.

Anjeza Kelmendi

Anjeza Kelmendi //  Trainer. HR Consultant. Executive Coach.

Anjeza Kelmendi has significant experience as a business sector manager for multiple banks and the Human Resources Director for multiple organizations including the Balfin Group. At Balfin, she founded and led a training academy that provided training for over 300 managers from 30 different companies. Ms. Kelmendi provides coaching, consulting and training in Human Resources, management and other areas. She has a Masters in Business Administration.

Robert Wilton

Robert Wilton//  Executive Coach. Consultant. Trainer. Author

” Imagine what your life could be like if you inspired people to solve their problems themselves.”

Robert has more than twenty years’ management experience, the last eight leading a multicultural international organization in Albania. He has been an advisor to leaders of organizations and countries. At Lincoln, Robert offers coaching and coaching support for individuals and teams, and other elements of training for organizations and leaders. He believes passionately in the role of the listening leader, and in the ability of individuals to identity and achieve their own goals. Robert has Masters degrees from Oxford and London Universities, and coaching certification from the Institute of Leadership and Management. He is fluent in Albanian.


Elizabeth Gowing

Elizabeth Gowing  //  Author. Journalist. Business Owner. MasterClass Trainer

Elizabeth Gowing has consulted for multiple organizations as they write the story of their organization. She has a Bachelor’s from Oxford University and a Master’s in Education Management from the University of London. She is fluent in Albanian.