Essentials of Management

by | 02.22.2022
Essentials of Management

Dates & Time: Mach 30 & 31
Cost: 200 Euro/participants
Location: Lincoln Center Blloku. Rr. Ismail Qemali, nr.31
Language: English
Number of Participants: The maximum number of participants for this course is fifteen.

Confirm registration with Antonela Maraj at amaraj[@] or 068.505.3161

Managers must learn to enhance their team’s performance. Whether managers have two or
twenty direct reports, their success is directly related to their ability to set clear goals for
others, to provide feedback, and to coach and manage underperforming colleagues. This
training is a highly interactive course designed to help managers lead their teams to success by developing people and managing performance.

  • Improve managers’ ability to equip their team to meet targets
  • Set clear, attainable, dynamic goals with employees
  • Improve communication between managers and employees
  • Motivate and coach effective employees
  • Provide feedback and address situations of employee underperformance
  • Develop trust on teams and address dysfunctions of a team

Calvin Tiessen has led many organizations in Albania and abroad through the strategic planning process of clarifying mission, vision, values and strategic objectives. Calvin brings a unique blend of business experience, multicultural knowledge and excellent facilitation skills to each consulting engagement. Calvin also utilizes his experience to design and deliver powerful learning events. Calvin is certified in Cultural Intelligence and is working on a PhD.

Calvin Tiessen, 


Calvin Tiessen

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