Dynamic Presentation Skills

by | 03.23.2022

Audience: Business Professionals, Managers and Directors required to deliver
Duration, Time & Location: Two days, 8 hours at Lincoln Center 2, Rr. Ismail Qemali
Language: English

Confirm registration with Antonela Maraj at amaraj[@]lincoln.org.al or 068.505.3161

Public Speaking involves a vast array of skills that individuals use to inform, educate, persuade, and call audiences to action. This course helps business professionals maximize the impact of their presentations. The focus of the course is on the structure of presentations, the use of visual aids, and delivery (verbal and non-verbal). Delivery includes improving eye-contact and body language, maximizing the power of movement and gesturing, and eliminating verbal noise. Perhaps most importantly, this course will give presenters confidence in front of an audience through several opportunities to present to the class.

Learning Objectives:

  • Build confidence in delivering presentations
  • Effectively plan and organize presentations around the audience and desired outcomes
  • Examine successful presenters and apply best practices
  • Observe, identify and practice physical and verbal delivery skills for maximum impact
Anjeza Kelmendi

Anjeza Kelmendi

Anjeza Kelmendi has significant experience as a business sector manager for multiple banks and the Human Resources Director for multiple organizations including the Balfin Group. At Balfin, she founded and led a training academy that provided training for over 300 managers from 30 different companies. Ms. Kelmendi provides coaching, consulting and training in Human Resources, management and other areas. She has a Master in Business Administration.

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