Executive Coaching

All of us are on a journey of development. The beliefs and behaviors of the past are not enough for present and future realities. To meet these changes requires work.

Coaching at Lincoln provides a process, structure and support for leaders to experience positive change.

Here is what some of our clients are saying about coaching:

"It was just awesome how much more motivated and focused I was after this coaching."

- Ylber, Business Owner -

“I used to always wait for others' approval before making decisions. But during coaching, I understood that I can take initiative to make changes.”

- Jorida, Director -

Our Coaches

Mireda Thana

Co-Active life and leadership coach

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Migena Gjerasi

Specialized in self-leadership

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David Turner

Experienced and rigorous executive coach

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Joshua Miekley

Josh Miekley

I help leaders make the change from workaholism to a passionate and fulfilling life.

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The executive coaching process has the following steps:

1. 360 Feedback: The executive identifies needed behaviors based on demands of the work environment.  This is achieved with a 360-feedback tool and interviews with key individuals.

2. Development Plan. The executive creates a development plan with clear actions, timelines and measures.

3.  Coaching. The executive has frequent coaching meetings with the coach who provides a disciplined focus on behavioral changes. 

4. Feedback. The executive receives ongoing feedback from key stakeholders.  

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