Lincoln Leadership Forum

by | 04.11.2022

Topic: "Trust Matters"

Trust Matters

Trust Matters

Trust is a critical foundation for any successful relationship in business, education and

At this forum, we will address questions such as:

  • What challenges do people and organizations face in Albania to build trust?
  • What types of practices and values promote trust?
  • How do you repair trust when it is broken?

Event moderated by:

Josh Miekley, Consultant, Lincoln Centers of Albania

Anjeza Kelmendi, Consultant, Lincoln Centers of Albania

Opening Remarks

Paul Lofquist, President, Lincoln Centers of Albania

Flutura Veipi, CEO, Union Bank

Elona Prroj, Psychologist

Panel & Panelists

Panel Moderator: Gerti Bogdani, International Secretary, Democratic Party

Lori Neuman, Executive Director, GDQ International Christian School

Eni Xheko, CEO, Xheko Imperial Luxury Boutique Hotel

Daniel Crawford, Executive Vice President, GrapeCity Group

Irida Bonati, Deputy CEO, ALBtelecom

Working Group Organizer, Facilitators & Topics

Organizers: Calvin Tiessen & Adrian Shehu

Brunilda Isaj

Topic: "Leading Change Based on Trust"

Ralf Gjoni

Topic: "Improving Public Affairs Strategies: Advocacy and the Role of Trust"

Gerti Bogdani

Topic: "Trust and Career Development: Building Systems to Strengthen Trust & Build Careers"

Gerion Treska

Topic: "Trust & Start-ups"

This is an invitation only event.

This event is sponsored by:

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What is the Lincoln Leadership Forum?

The Leadership Forum is a gathering of like-minded individuals who seek to impact the corporate environment of Albania.

The Lincoln Centers of Albania was started in 1997 with the mission “to develop leaders through educational excellence for the well-being of the Albanian people.”

The leadership forum is a space for organizational leaders to reflect, address critical issues facing their organizations, the country and the region and to network and grow together.

The goals of future forum gatherings include:

  • Impact current organizational leaders with forum values
  • Create a more interconnected ecosystem of like-minded leaders
  • Boost the trust foreign investors have in investing in the region

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