Project Management Coffee and Briefing

by | 01.26.2017

What will happen at the Briefing and Coffee?

  • Participate in an engaging presentation of an upcoming Project Management course
  • Interact with consultants Josh Miekley and David Turner
  • Network with other professionals.

Date & Time: Wednesday, February 1 from 8:30-9:30am
Venue: Lincoln Center 2, Blloku.

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Why come to learn more about Management by Results? 

They should expect four key characteristics in this course:

  • Relevance: True-to-life business problems at PMBOK standards; not just theory.
  • Practical Content: Simple but robust tools ready use immediately.
  • Interactive Format: Participants share experiences and best practices.
  • Focused on Results: Consistently delivers quantifiable impact to participants’ employers, maximizing return on training investment.

Project Management: Management by Results

Course Price:  300 Euros

Course Dates: February 13-14, 9am-5pm

Course Trainer: Jean-Marie Fahmy

Mr. Fahmy has more than 40 years of management, consulting, and corporate training experience in diverse fields including information technology, telecommunications, financial services, health care, and manufacturing. Since founding FGT—a Canadian-based consulting firm—in 1987, Mr. Fahmy and his team of experts have delivered standard-setting technical management and leadership training to industry-leading firms including Pfizer, Pratt & Whitney, Bell Canada Telus Canada, CGI, and IBM. Mr. Fahmy and FGT have trained hundreds of professionals in Project Management at MobiFon (Connex) in Romania (now Vodaphone).

Here you can download the full course description: Project Management_Lincoln_February13-14_2017

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