We have been teaching Albanian as a foreign language course since 1997 and know firsthand how to accommodate the specific needs of our students.

Let’s Learn Albanian

An excellent introduction to Albanian as a Foreign Language.

This two-level course is designed especially for adult and young adult beginning students. The courses include clear comprehensive explanations of the unique grammatical aspects of the Albanian language, a wide variety of exercises, contemporary topics, and a focus on both accuracy and fluency. By the end of these courses, the student will have the confidence to communicate effectively in Albanian.


Gjuha Shqipe

These courses offer a communicative, task–based approach to the Intermediate and advanced intermediate learner.
Students will be reading numerous Albanian texts in order to deepen their comprehensive skills and will be engaging in both verbal and written dialogues designed to assist them in the sharing of ideas and opinions. These courses challenge the adult and young adult learner by integrating the unique grammatical, lexical, and functional aspects of the Albanian language. Both courses combine language skills such as speaking, reading, listening, and writing to help students use Albanian accurately and fluently.


Individual Albanian Courses

Special personalized Albanian language courses are available according to the needs and available time of the student.