Productivity & Time Management

Prioritize important work. Reduce time wasters. Stop procrastinating. Get more done.

Learning Objectives:

  • Improve individual and team productivity
  • Boost individuals’ motivation due to spending time on top priorities
  • Use tools for reducing stress and reducing “time wasters”

Introduction to Business Process Improvement

Competitive pressures require organizations to change quickly.  In this program, managers will learn to identify ways to do work more efficiently.


  • Choose a process for an improvement initiative
  • Form a team to address the improvement effort
  • Identify critical process problems that must be changed
  • Use process improvement tools necessary to design a more effective process
  • Implement and sustain the new process

Performance Management

Boost team performance by setting goals, providing feedback, and coaching employees.


  • Improve managers’ ability to equip their team to meet targets
  • Motivate and coach effective employees
  • Address situations of employee underperformance
  • Improve communication between managers and their employees

Project Management: Management by Results

Solve real business problems and learn to deliver on time and within budget to your client’s satisfaction.


  • Increase project productivity and efficiency
  • Secure maximum team participation and commitment
  • Facilitate effective and efficient communication on the project team
  • Deliver superior results and achieve success

Teamwork & Team Building

We work in teams because we accomplish tasks more effectively working together rather than working separately.


  • Apply strategies for moving teams through stages of team development
  • Diagnose your own team and determine strategies for continuous improvement
  • Create plans to strengthen the cohesion and effectiveness of your own team

Introduction to Change Management

Manage change to sustain business success.


  • Respond effectively and responsibly to difficult or challenging circumstances
  • Reduce the non-productive behaviors that often accompany change-related stress
  • Work more effectively with others who are resisting organizational change

Advanced Excel

Use Excel functions to analyze data and make better business decisions.

Learning Objectives:

This course will meet for eight 90-minute sessions and cover the following areas:

  • Ensure foundation in basic excel features
  • Data entry and formatting skills
  • Creating and manipulating pivot tables, and templates
  • Practice using advanced Excel formulas


Train the Trainer

Learning Objectives: At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Create engagement by using role play, discussions and skill practice
  • Apply the learning formula components to contribute to adult learning.
  • Maximize learner engagement by using an understanding of individual learning preferences.
  • Use effective learning techniques to successfully deliver training.