Strategic Writing
Boost traffic, increase subscribers &  Enhance your online presence! Facilitator: Elizabeth Gowing Location: ONLINE. Zoom link sent upon confirmation.Language: English[...]
Lincoln Leadership Forum on May 24
Join us on May 24 to discuss: What critical issues demand the attention of leaders at this time?When people lead[...]
The Boost Your Team Needs
Protect your Team from Toxic Behaviors!Boost your Team Spirit!Feel Connected at a Time we’ve been far apart!Your Vaccine is here!No[...]
Building and Promoting Organization Culture in the face of a Remote and Changing Workforce during the Pandemic
Location: Online. Zoom link sent upon confirmationDate & Time: April 27 & 28, 14:00-15:30Language: EnglishCost: 50 Euro/ participantPayment method:[...]
Addressing Employee Underperformance on Remote Teams
Language: EnglishTarget Audience: Managers & Department HeadsDate & Time: April 22, 09:00-10:30Location: Online. Zoom link sent upon registration.Total Hours: 1.5[...]
Your Ask Task
Here’s a question: do you prefer to be told, or asked? Here’s a question: what useful things do you think[...]
Business Email Writing
Make Every Email Count! Learn to communicate more effectively via email. Attention is given to parts and organization of emails,[...]
Work Smarter!   1  5Days :   0  5Hours :   0  4Minutes :   4  2Seconds You missed out! Target Audience: Division Heads, Managers, anyone required to use analytical thinking.Location:[...]
BOOST performance & Decrease Stress
Care for Yourself and Your Team so you can get the job done during the Crisis! Language: Albanian for the[...]
Coaching Skills in Times of Crisis- Online
Increase employees’ initiative to solve problems and inspire in times of crisis! Location: Lincoln Center Blloku. Rr. Ismal Qemali, nr.31Language:[...]