45 sessions/ 3 times a week / 80 min. + lab.

This is by far our most popular program for adults and young adults and the most widely-used English as a Second Language program in the world.

Interchange is a four-part series based on American and international English for adult and young-adult learners of English. It offers interesting content on current topics in every unit, additional grammar practice, and many opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills. The underlying philosophy of the course is that language is best learned, and more rewarding, when it is used for meaningful communication.

Intensive courses offered periodically.

Viewpoint – Level: B2 and C1

56 sessions/ 3 times a week / 80 min. + lab.

Continuing from Interchange, Viewpoint is a two-level series in American English for adults and young adults, taking learners from a high intermediate to advanced level. It is full of new and exciting ideas, offering a fresh approach to the teaching and learning of English aiming to help students communicate fluently and successfully in today’s world as well as further develop their critical thinking skills. The engaging, contemporary topics provide a framework for successful and fluent personalization throughout. Relevant language items are presented and practiced in natural contexts. The listening and reading skills are integrated with speaking and writing to develop crucial skills for real-life and examination contexts. Intensive courses offered periodically.

Objective Advanced – Level: C1+

56 sessions/ 3 times a week / 80 min. + lab.

This 5 month course is designed to take students from low advanced to advanced level. It is suitable for those who would like to further their English studies, communicate in English in a work situation, or take an international exam in the future. All language skills are covered and the course offers a balance of individual skills as well as integrated ones. A variety of challenging and lively topics provide a thorough language development.