Business Email Writing With Calvin Tiessen

by | 02.22.2022

Make Every Email Count!

Business Email Writing

Learn to communicate more effectively via email. Attention is given to parts and organization of emails, the use of clear and effective subject lines, “cc,” “bcc” and other aspects of email etiquette. This course helps participants maximize the impact of every email.

Date & Time: March 9
Cost: 100 euro
Location: Lincoln Center Blloku. Rr. Ismail Qemali, nr.31
Language: English
Sessions & Duration: 09:00-15:30

Confirm registration with Antonela Maraj at amaraj[at] or 068.505.3161

Objectives: Following this training, participants will:

  • Write clearer and more organized emails
  • Remove unnecessary information from emails
  • Feel more confident in professional email writing
  • Get clearer and more timely responses from emails they send
  • Reduce time wasted from excessive information and unclear emails
Calvin Tiessen

Calvin Tiessen


Calvin Tiessen has led many organizations in Albania and abroad through the strategic planning process of clarifying mission, vision, values and strategic objectives. Calvin brings a unique blend of business experience, multicultural knowledge and excellent facilitation skills to each consulting engagement. Calvin also utilizes his experience to design and deliver powerful learning events. Calvin is certified in Cultural Intelligence and is working on a PhD.

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