Preparing for Productive Performance Reviews

by | 12.21.2021

“The best performance reviews leave employees feeling motivated and valued.”

Consultant: Calvin Tiessen & Anjeza Klemendi
Target Audience: Department Heads & Managers in any department
Date & Time: January 25, 09:00-11:30
Price: 40 Euro/participant
Location: Lincoln Center Blloku. Rr. Ismail Qemali, nr. 31
Language: English
Number of participants: The maximum number of participants for this course is
twelve. A minimum of six participants is required for this course to be delivered.

Confirm registration with Antonela Maraj at amaraj[at] or 0685053161

The stakes are high for annual review meetings with employees. When managers prepare effectively, these conversations have the potential to promote development and increase employee engagement. This interactive workshop provides a framework for managers to use to effectively prepare and facilitate review conversations.

The best research and practices show that an annual review is most productive when these reviews are a summary of conversations throughout the year. That is, managers have had frequent conversations with their employees to establish goals, to praise them for effective behavior and to point out when employees had used ineffective behaviors. This workshop provides participants with the chance to reflect on skills that will help increase the potential of effective review conversations.

Following this workshop, participants will be equipped to:
  • Use review conversations to foster development & engagement
  • Increase the clarity of performance review conversations
  • Prepare effectively for conversations that need to take place ahead of the review meeting
Anjeza Kelmendi

Anjeza Kelmendi

Trainer. HR Consultant. Executive Coach.

Anjeza Kelmendi has significant experience as a business sector manager for multiple banks and the Human Resources Director for multiple organizations including the Balfin Group. At Balfin, she founded and led a training academy that provided training for over 300 managers from 30 different companies. Ms. Kelmendi provides coaching, consulting and training in Human Resources, management and other areas. She has a Masters in Business Administration.

Calvin Tiessen

Calvin tiessen

Strategic Communications Consultant. Executive Coach. Trainer

Calvin Tiessen has led many organizations in Albania and abroad through the strategic planning process of clarifying mission, vision, values and strategic objectives. Calvin brings a unique blend of business experience, multicultural knowledge and excellent facilitation skills to each consulting engagement. Calvin also utilizes his experience to design and deliver powerful learning events. Calvin is certified in Cultural Intelligence and is working on a PhD.

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