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by | 03.29.2021

Here’s a question: do you prefer to be told, or asked?

Here’s a question: what useful things do you think your staff could say to you, but don’t?

Here’s a question: do you remember the thing you were told, or the thing you worked
out for yourself?

Here’s a question: are you more committed to what you heard, or what you believe in?

Here’s a question: wouldn’t it be great if your team’s output wasn’t the product of one
person’s orders being implemented, but the collective inspiration and energy of

This is why Coaching is so often the answer to many of the diverse challenges we face as professionals.

Coaching is a constructive conversation helping an individual identify and commit to the next steps in tackling a problem or a goal. Coaching can help someone overcome a
performance issue. Coaching can help someone develop and implement a plan to
achieve a challenging business result. Coaching can help you to achieve your ambitions more than you believed was possible.

Coaching recognizes that individuals can’t change other people, but they can change
themselves. Coaching recognizes that individuals have ideas and abilities, if they are helped to identify them and commit to them. Coaching recognizes that individuals feel much stronger commitment to the ideas and targets that they themselves have
identified and articulated.

Coaching recognizes that, as a manager, you spend too much of your time and energy
answering other people’s problems and trying to push progress. Do you want your team’s output to be a rock you push up a hill, or a fire you light?

Lincoln’s professional coaches can help you or your team members solve problems and
reach objectives. And at Lincoln we encourage you to explore how you yourself can use coaching-style approaches to get the best out of your team.

Fundamentally, coaching is about asking, not telling. So here’s a question: next time
someone in your team presents a problem or a challenge, how will you unlock their
potential by asking a question?

Robert Wilton


Executive Coach. Consultant. Trainer. Author

Robert has more than twenty years' management experience, the last eight leading a multi-cultural international organization in Albania. He has been an advisor to leaders of organizations and countries. At Lincoln, Robert offers coaching and coaching support for individuals and teams, and other elements of training for organizations and leaders. He believes passionately in the role of the listening leader, and in the ability of individuals to identity and achieve their own goals. Robert has Masters degrees from Oxford and London Universities, and coaching certification from the Institute of Leadership and Management. He is fluent in Albanian.

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