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Work Smarter!

Critical Thinking
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You missed out!

Target Audience: Division Heads, Managers, anyone required to use analytical thinking.
Location: Xheko Imperial Hotel.
Language: English
Date & Time: March 23, 09:00-16:30
Language: 125 Euro / participant. Includes lunch and two coffee breaks.

Confirm registration with Irisa Bardhi at ibardhi[@] or 068.436.4431

In this interactive course participants will grow in their ability to think strategically
about work and life, improving decision making and the effectiveness of their actions.


  • Understand critical thinking as something that can be developed
  • Assess personal capacity for critical thinking
  • Plan for critical thinking practices in life
  • Conduct mission gap analyses to think critically about work
  • Compile a personal toolkit for critical thinking
  • Sharpen skills for critical thinking in presented arguments
  • Improve skills related to argumentation and negotiation

Calvin created the right relaxed atmosphere. The methodology he used was very efficient.

Gentian Likaj

Managing Director, Communication Progress

Nje trajnim mjaft efikas per te ndihmuar te kuptosh kapacitetet e tua te te menduarit kritik.

Adela Duro

Marketing Department, OTP Bank

Calvin Tiessen

Calvin Tiessen

Calvin Tiessen has led multiple organizations in Albania and abroad through the strategic planning process of clarifying mission, vision, values and strategic objectives. He has delivered training in communication, time management and leadership to clients from small businesses and non-profits
to international global organizations such as Halliburton. Calvin brings a unique blend of business experience, multicultural knowledge and excellent facilitation skills to create powerful learning events.

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