BOOST performance & Decrease Stress

by | 02.11.2021
Boost performance & Reduce Stress

Care for Yourself and Your Team so you can get the job done during the Crisis!

Language: Albanian for the dates below. This course is also available in English.
Location: Xheko Imperial Hotel
Course Dates: March 16-17, 09:00-16:30
Course Duration: Twelve hours of instruction. See course, coaching & consulting options below.

Confirm registration with Irisa Bardhi at ibardhi[@] or 068.436.4431




  • Two days Boost Performance & Decrease Stress course
  • Lunch and two coffee breaks

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  • Two days Boost Performance & Decrease Stress course
  • 60-minute executive coaching session to identify your team obstacles and solidify your action plan
  • Six consulting & coaching sessions 

The COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of it have changed our lives. It has created complexity and challenges that none of us had imagined before:

  • Our employees face additional personal and professional concerns. 
  • Plans have to be modified on a more regular basis.
  • The future is more unknown than we have experienced in the past and risk has increased. 

In the past some people viewed “Emotional Intelligence” as optional. Now we know that just to survive, we need to maintain a level of balance. And if we want our teams to thrive, we must become better than ever at managing stress and conflict. 

This course provides participants with a set of tools to lead healthy teams during the crisis.

Training Outcomes:

  • A comprehensive understanding of job performance and the causes affecting it
  • Participants equipped with methods to objectively evaluate their personal & team performance
  • Reduced work stress as a result of the acquired ability to understand and manage it properly
  • Achieving decision-making in a shorter time and reducing the emotional burden that follows decisions
  • Improved communication and coordination in the team as a result of using the methodology for managing emotions and stress at work
Anjeza Kelmendi


Anjeza Kelmendi

Anjeza Kelmendi has significant experience as a business sector manager for multiple banks and the Human Resources Director for multiple organizations including the Balfin Group. At Balfin, she founded and led a training academy that provided training for over 300 managers from 30 different companies. Ms. Kelmendi provides coaching, consulting and training in Human Resources, management and other areas. She has a Masters in Business Administration.

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