Leading with Emotional Intelligence

by | 11.07.2018

The most up-to-date research shows that managers who consistently demonstrate Emotional Intelligence competencies have more satisfied and productive employees. These managers also have more effective relationships with peers and superiors. They inspire others in the organization and manage conflict more effectively Emotional Intelligence at Work is designed for participants to learn and practice skills that build:

  • self-awareness and clear thinking that reduce work-related stress
  • emotional self-regulation that guides behavior
  • insight into the emotions of others
  • the ability to more successfully interact with others for business success

Learning Objectives:

This course is designed to provide participants with insights and practical tools that will be used to achieve the following benefits:

  • reduced stress and greater job satisfaction
  • improved communication with direct reports, peers and superiors
  • collaboration skills
  • creative and innovative solutions to problems
  • recognized leadership capacity

David Turner bio

For more than thirty years, David has provided training in areas such as emotional intelligence, change management and communication to thousands of global business professionals in the US, Europe and Asia. David has held positions as an international trainer working for global companies including the Boston Consulting Group, Thomson-Reuters, IBM, the Forum Corporation and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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