Strategic Online Marketing – March 1

by | 02.22.2017

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How do your customers get introduced to your products on their mobile phones? What do customers learn about your service while browsing Facebook? How can your organization leverage tools to enhance the experience of your customers online? This course provides insights into the new digital landscape.

Participants will learn to understand their customers’ journey and build an effective online strategy for their organization. Participants will explore trends in Albania and the world the impact of these trends on customers, the buying process, and the role of email campaigns, Facebook ads, and search engine optimization. Presented by a current digital marketing consultant in Albania, this course will be highly interactive and engaging.

Learning Objectives:  This course is designed to provide participants with insights and practical tools that will be used to achieve the following benefits:

  • Have increased confidence in developing strategic online marketing
  • Understand the role of online marketing in the customer journey
  • Apply analytics to increase the effectiveness of email campaigns
  • Increase customer engagement with tools such as Facebook
  • Help customers move from product awareness to purchase


Audience: Marketing & PR professionals at every level.

Course Dates, Time & Location: March 1, 4:00-8:00pm / Lincoln Center 2, Blloku

Price: 50 Euros per participant

Language: Albanian

Trainer: Elvis Plaku

Elvis Plaku is a Digital Marketing & Communication Consultant with corporate, organizational and private business experience. He has served as new media trainer and lead marketer for various businesses and organizations. In his consulting work, Mr. Plaku has transformed the customer experience for organizations and has helped to increase key numbers such as the conversion rate for retail from walk ins to customers.

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