Writing tips

by | 04.27.2015

Assigning homework seems to be the easiest task at the end of a class. But whenever you assign writing as a homework it appears to be more complex than we can imagine.Somewhere I read that the students achieve as much as you expect them to do. It is up to the teacher to let them know what your expectations are.

Whenever I assign writing I have some pointers in my mind.

1. Take 5 minutes to explain clearly the task. Many times students come unprepared with the excuse that they didn’t understand the task.

2. Make sure to remind students to include the vocabulary and the grammar learnt in that unit.

3. Challenge your students. Include something more whenever it seems there’s room for it.

4. Ask students to read it out aloud. In this way they will strive to do their best in order not to be judged by their classmates. In the end all would like that applause when a good piece of writing is appreciated.

5. Have 5 minutes for a post-activity. Students learn better when the are able to reflect on their work.

Writing is one of the most important skills in learning a language. The place where we can blend together what is learnt in class.


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