The Benefits of Teaching with Songs !

by | 06.03.2014

1. Songs help learn vocabulary, grammar and syntax
Learning with songs really works as children hear whole sentences and absorb grammar and syntax subconsciously. It’s an easy way for them to learn and remember words and phrases.
2. They can use meaningful language in context
Children hear vocabulary and phrases in a natural and meaningful context and no longer as isolated words or sentences.
3. Songs can be catchy and re-usable 
Unlike a listening comprehension a song is catchy and fun and ESL students will be happy hearing it many times over a several months, as long as you don’t play it to death in a single lesson.
4. Songs enhance listening skills
Naturally listening to any English song helps listening skills as long as the language is within the grasp of the learner.

5. They improve speaking fluency with the natural rhythms of language
When using songs for ESL that are performed by native speakers children hear the natural rhythms and stresses of English and this helps their pronunciation and speaking fluency.

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