Engagement. Accessibility. Peer-to-peer interaction.

by | 05.05.2014

Engagement. Accessibility. Peer-to-peer interaction.

Just trendy education buzzwords? Or a new direction for the future?

What if you could take courses from the top professors in the world without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars?

You can! As Daphne Koller–the co-founder of Coursera.org–explains in her TED talk, Coursera:

  • fosters student’ engagement as students learn at their own pace;
  • makes education accessible to the masses; and
  • facilitates an environment for peer-to-peer discussion.

I’d be interested in learning from you how you foster peer-to-peer interaction. How do you foster engagement with the material? How do does your school make education accessible?

Daphne Koller–the co-founder of Coursera.org–describes the power of accessible education.

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