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I read the techniques about teaching vocabulary to students which are really helpful to us, and I can say I have used some of them such as pictures and drawings, dramatization or better say by using gestures when the words indicated an action or movement and I noticed that these kind of visual aids really worked.
I have tried even to use the new word in a certain context to make its meaning more clear. I use games especially with children to review the words they have learned.
But there is still one thing that challenges me: these are english words that don’t have their correspondent into albanian language such as new technology words. I can give an example when I was explaining a lesson about computers and there were words(whiz,geek,technophile,drag and drop) that I found a bit difficult to explain and students to understand.
However the different techniques that are mentioned in the article are very useful and I think to use one or the other or a mixture of them during a lesson it’s a good way to express yourself clearly and students can learn new words easily.

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  1. Juleda says:

    I totally agree with you !
    Me too, I found that material great and I think to use most of these techniques in my classes even though I already use some of them.

    About the words of tech You are right Cos I found some difficluties too, but anyway these words are in passages books so i try to explain in english the words to the student and they understand these words then.I use as an example the word “computer” because there are some words not only in english but even in other languages which have been adapted by using the same word so even in Albanian we say “kompjuter” .we use computer in nowdays not word proccessor for instance because it is out of date.

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