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by | 05.17.2023

Descriptive essay about the most inspiring person of your life

We all have that person that we look up to in life and who inspires us to be who we are.
This particular person can be a family member, a celebrity or basically somebody who we
gain our inspiration from. The person who inspired me the most and loved me the most was
my grandma. She recently passed away from the virus “COVID19”. This was the most
devastating event that has happened, not only to me, but to our whole family. Her death
brought our family together and we mourned for weeks.
Her name was “Flutura Lahi “. The name means butterfly in English, and it resembles
freedom and beauty, completely describing her. She was short, had brown hair and eyes and
she was beautiful, on the inside and outside. I will always remember her words when I got
tall. She used to always say: “Now I can stay under your arm you basketball player!”
My grandma was one of the most respected women I knew. Everyone loved her and
always wanted to spend time with her. One thing we all remember from her is how humble
and positive she was. My grandma gave her money to everyone on all the festivities. Every
time I met her, she would not leave me empty handed, no matter the amount.
Moreover, my life seemed colorful and beautiful before she passed, now I am
experiencing a gray and stressful life. Everything turned sideways for me. She inspired me to
do good at school, to be a pianist and to take care of myself. With her, I accomplished all my
tasks and work. However, recently I haven’t been myself. I am not doing so well at school, I
have close to no motivation and inspiration and I really need to change that.
Another thing that I loved about her was her stubbornness. She always took my side, no
matter the circumstances, in the right and in the wrong. On everything my parents disagreed
with me, she only defended me and would change their minds.
Moving forward, one of her many positive assets was her patience. On every activity I
did she was interested to know. I remember when I used to play videogames, she would just
sit on the couch and ask about it. No one had done this for me before. I also loved cooking.
She would wait until late afternoon for me to come back from school, just so I could cook for
the both of us. She would never complain about my bad tasting food, and she would eat it all.
Finally, I am starting to recover from her demise, and I am moving forward in life only
with one thought in my head: “Everything I do and achieve will be for her!”

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