Win-Win Negotiations

by | 10.14.2019

Trainer: David Turner

Course Location: Lincoln Center 2, Rd. Ismail Qemali, nr. 31

Course Time: 9am-4:30pm

Course Participant

"David has many years of experience and that is what makes this course so good."

The key to a win-win negotiation approach is finding ways to help both sides feel
successful rather than just focusing on one’s position. This approach helps lead
to good results and it fosters long-term relationships and partnerships—which
create positive momentum for future negotiations.

Win-win Negotiations is intended to build confidence in and skills for negotiating with customers in ongoing relationships. The program focuses on teaching participants widely agreed-upon foundation concepts of negotiations, as well as tactics for conducting tough negotiations. It provides them with substantial practice in preparing for and conducting their own actual upcoming negotiations.


For more than thirty years, David has provided training in areas such as emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and communication to thousands of global business professionals in the US, Europe and Asia. David has held positions as an international trainer working for global companies including the Boston Consulting Group, Thomson-Reuters, IBM, the Forum Corporation and Thermo Fisher Scientific. His professional experience includes training in industries, such as manufacturing, financial services, business consulting, software development and distribution.

Learning Objectives:
• Identify personal strengths as parties in negotiation
• Provide skills and tactics for dealing with tough situations such as
negotiating with purchasing agents and other professional negotiators
• Increase profits through well-planned collaboration and alternatives to a
negotiated agreement
• Build strong relationships with customers, partners, and colleagues.
• Enhance communications by developing a common negotiation language.

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