Roadmap to Building a Culture of Employee Engagement

by | 10.09.2019

Lunch and Learn with David Turner

Employee engagement is a hot topic right now in both public and private sectors. David will introduce  the following learning program on Engagement:

Roadmap to building a culture of employee engagement

Location: Lincoln Center 2 (Blloku) Rruga Ismail Qemali, nr. 31
Date and time: October 24, 12:30-13:30
RSVP: Confirm participation by October 18 at

David Turner

Facilitator Short Bio:

 For more than thirty years, David has provided training in areas such as emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and communication to thousands of global business professionals in the US, Europe and Asia. David has held positions as an international trainer working for global companies including the Boston Consulting Group, Thomson-Reuters, IBM, the Forum Corporation and Thermo Fisher Scientific. His professional experience includes training in industries, such as manufacturing, financial services, business consulting, software development and distribution.

Participants in the 1-day program in November will learn to:

  • Use leadership behaviors to increase engagement of employees 
  • Create a road map to guide their leadership behavior tactics

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